Our preacher (Dale Cooper) and his wife Bonnie has been with us since May 2017 and has dedicated his life to spreading the gospel. Mr. Cooper helps with benevolence efforts and ministering / visiting those that are sick and in the hospital. 

He Graduated May 8, 1975 from Louisville Bible College, Louisville, Ky. with Bachelors of Arts, Ministerial Degree. His early ministry took place in Kentucky, Indiana, both South & North Carolina and more recently Live Oak Florida before moving to help the local congregation here in Cairo, Georgia. He welcomes any opportunity for those who would like to ask questions and learn more about God, the plan of salvation and how to serve the creator of world.  

He believes the Bible will explain and interpret it self, if one is willing to study it for themselves.  It maters not what any man says but what Jesus teaches,  for He and His word will judge us all in the end. 

John 12:48,  Romans 2:16,  1 Timothy 1:11, 2 Thessalonians 1:8.