What can I expect at the Cairo Church of Christ?

 Expect to feel loved. We strive to love God and others. We pray you will experience God’s love when you visit.

 Expect to feel welcome. When you visit the Cairo Church of Christ, you are right where you need to be; expect a warm welcome. We promise not to single you out or make you feel awkward in any way. 

 Expect to encounter God in a meaningful way. By worshiping God through singing, prayers, the Lord’s Supper, giving and a practical sermon. Meeting with people who genuinely care about you. We hope you see Jesus when you see us. 

 Expect an opportunity to get involved. We invite you to jump right in and find a way to serve God though our various ministries.   

If you have a bible question that needs to be answered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at your convenience. 

 There is no need to feel uncomfortable about dress requirements. Wear what you have that is appropriate and represents Christ in a modest fashion. The best advice we can give you is come and see. 

Observe, Ask Questions, Get Acquainted and Prayerfully consider the things you hear and see at the Cairo Church of Christ.

Feel Free to ask any questions on what you see or hear at the Cairo Church of Christ. Free written materials on a variety of bible subjects are available in our lobby area.

Please be our honored guest.